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Platt Swing Mount

Platt Swing Mount is designed to accommodate the MAG-58/M240 7.62mm general purpose machine gun and Minimi/M249 light support weapon. Constructed of either stainless steel or aluminium, the Platt Swing Mount is ideal for installation on a wide variety of both soft-skinned and armoured vehicles. The system is fitted to tracked vehicles such as the Bv-206S and M113 ACV and wheeled vehicles such as LAVIII, Stryker, ASLAV, HMMWV, Bushmaster and a range of lightweight special operations platforms. The Platt Swing Mount can also be adapted for use with the MG3 and Minimi 7.62mm machine guns.

More about this product

Key design features are for both accuracy and accessibility for the user with horizontal deployment spanning over 135 degrees to the left and right of the frontal axis as well as elevation to +85 and depression to –50 degrees. Furthermore, adjustable and / or lockable knuckle joints to ensure increased weapon control and allow for setting arcs of fire. The swing mount is available in stainless steel (standard and ideal for maritime use) and aluminium (lightweight).

Swing Mount Adaptors

A range of adapters are available for the standard Platt Swing Mount to suit a wide variety of soft-skinned and armoured vehicles, all of which are proven and in use. Current adaptors include Separator LAV; 3 Inch/4 Inch Separator; Clamp-on 30 (for vertical armour surface); 'B' Pillar Clamp-on (roll cage adaptor); Adjustable pedestal; Stryker Adaptors.

Technical Specifications
Weapon Types: MAG58/M240; Minimi/M249; PKM; MG3; Minimi 7.62mm
Ammo Tray Capacity: 7.62mm-200 rounds; 5.56mm-200 rounds
Elevation: +85 degrees
Depression Stop Limit: -10 degrees. Override to -50
Vehicle Interface: Can be fitted with adaptors suitable for any standard AMU mounting point or user pattern
Weight: Stainless Steel: 20kgs - Aluminum: 13kgs
Part Number: P10003
NSN: 1005-66-147-7964
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