W&E PLATT Showcases latest defence solution at Australian Army Robotics Expo (ARX2023)

In a resounding testament to our commitment to innovation and collaboration, W&E PLATT proudly announced its participation at the prestigious Australian Army Robotics Expo (ARX2023), held in conjunction with other Chief of Army Symposium (CAS) 2023 events. These dynamic events, spanning August 29th and 30th, unfolded at the Perth Convention Centre in Western Australia, underscoring the strategic importance of Australian Defence Industry offerings in shaping the future of defence capabilities.

The Chief of Army Symposium (CAS) 2023 served as an immersive platform for fostering partnerships, highlighting innovation, and exemplifying Army's dedication to advancing capabilities in alignment with allies, partner forces, and the defence industry. The event's comprehensive agenda encompassed the CAS Expos Series, comprising Army Innovation Day 2023, Army Robotics Expo 2023, and Army Quantum Technology Challenge 2023.

W&E PLATT took center stage at the ARX2023 with a formidable display of our state-of-the-art offerings. Of particular note was the showcase of our latest product innovation, the Remote Operated Weapon PLATTform (ROWP), integrated with the Dillon M134D Minigun. This integration defied convention and redefined perceptions of the minigun's capabilities. The ROWP, a culmination of rigorous testing and collaboration with the Australian Army's Robotic and Autonomous Systems Implementation & Coordination Office (RICO), emerged as an embodiment of versatility, embracing optic and platform agnostic features. With rapid interchangeability between diverse weapons, it caters to normal operator (driver and Commander), teleoperated/remote controlled, and autonomous (waypoint or follow-me) operation.

This landmark event echoed our strides towards a transformative era of warfare, where human-machine collaboration and optionally crewed platforms are poised to reshape the methods of battle. W&E PLATT has seamlessly adapted and evolved to embrace this monumental shift, positioning ourselves at the forefront of Australian Army evolutionary transformation.

Beyond the technology, our presence at ARX2023 underscored our proactive journey towards pioneering solutions. We showcased our transition from traditional manually operated mounts to developing advanced remotely operated weapon mount systems, a testament to our continuous quest for innovation and excellence.

In the heart of ARX, our Remote Operated Weapon PLATTform (ROWP) and the robust MR550 Ring Mount adorned the Australian Army's enhanced M113AS4s - optionally crewed combat vehicles (OCCV) - and the Hawkei Light Protected Vehicle. This powerful combination symbolized the synergy between cutting-edge technology and military prowess, a harbinger of the remarkable potential our offerings hold for future defence landscapes.

As the ARX2023 event concluded, W&E PLATT looks forward to continued collaborations, fortifying alliances, and shaping the future of Australian defence capabilities in an era defined by innovation, collaboration, and cutting-edge solutions.

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