W&E Platt is the Australian Distributor for Heckler & Koch GmbH, Dillon Aero Inc. and Condor Non Lethal Technologies

W&E Platt are the distributor for Heckler & Koch GmbH, Dillon Aero Inc. and Condor Non Lethal Technologies to the Australian Market. We provide information and supply products on behalf of these companies within this country where our Headquarters are based. We deliver on the ground services to customers with any inquiries with a wide knowledge on these range of products.  

Heckler & Koch GmbH

W&E Platt are the sole distributor for Heckler & Koch GmbH (Germany) into Australia and house trained and qualified armourer personnel that are qualified on more than 18 Heckler & Koch weapons.

Heckler & Koch is one of the world's leading manufacturers of small arms with firmly established roots in Germany. For more than 70 years, the company has been a reliable partner to security forces, the police and special forces of NATO and NATO-associated states.

Heckler & Koch represents the highest of quality, as well as innovative products. Beyond this, Heckler & Koch is the only supplier of small arms to offer a comprehensive range of products incorporating pistols, machine pistols, assault rifles, precision rifles, machine guns, training systems, as well as 40 mm systems. In this context, individual categories of weapons have been conceptually designed to form a product family. In this way, Heckler & Koch offers a variable model range that is tailored towards the most varied of application requirements. The advantages of such a product family extend from a lower accident risk through the prevention of operating errors to replaceable components, and right through to reduced instruction and training periods for firearm users.

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Dillon Aero Inc.

W&E Platt is the distributor for Dillon Aero Inc. and share a long relationship between our two companies for 15 years.

Dillon Aero has fielded more than 6,000 weapons systems in more than 30 countries. Since the Dillon M134D and M134D-H became the standard model in US and allied services in 2003, the company has relentlessly strived to improve all aspects of every system and installation. Our engineering staff has successfully integrated the M134D system into 18 different rotory wing platforms types totaling some 400 plus airframes, brought the system to ground vehicles and remote weapons stations, and developed the Point Guard Naval Self Protection System for use on both large naval vessels and small boats.

On land, the M134D is presently deployed worldwide for convoy escort, border patrol, and VIP protection. In the naval role, Miniguns are utilized in force protection on the U.S. and foreign blue water and riverine fleets, as well as fire support weapons on Special Operations boats. Notably, the M134D is most predominantly used in helicopters, and is now customizable to all military and commercial helicopters. As a modular system, it is easily adapted to any existing platform, and performs equally well in the Fixed Forward Fire or Crew Served modes. Due to its compact size, this lightweight weapon structure offers efficient performance when and where it’s needed.

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Condor Non Lethal Technologies

W&E Platt is the distributor for Condor, supplying non lethal technologies to law enforcement agencies Australia wide.

Condor stands out on the international scene as a Global Leader in Non-Lethal Technologies. We are a company with 100% Brazilian and private capital, and since 1985, we have developed and produced equipment, non-lethal ammunition and high-tech pyrotechnics for use in signaling and salvage.

Recognized by the Brazilian Government as a Strategic Defense Company. In the last five years, we have been the company in our segment that have introduced the most new and innovatived products, the main reason why we have significantly increased our penetration in the world market.

Our more than 35 years with excellence and technological innovation as a goal have ensured our position as a leader in the world rank and the trust of public security and defense agencies in several countries. Condor is among the main exporters in the defense sector in Brazil.

With more than 120 products in our portfolio, all approved by the Brazilian Army, Navy or Air Force, we have a modern industrial park located next to the Tinguá Biological Reserve, the largest Atlantic Forest reserve in the State of Rio de Janeiro. Our commitment to quality and the environment earned us a ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certification, in addition to partnerships with foreign manufacturers to develop new technologies. Thus, Condor consolidates itself even more as a global reference in the “non-lethal” concept and in the respect for life.

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