Marine Mounts

The Platt Marine Mount combines a sturdy deck-mounted Pedestal with 40-50 Soft Mount or any mounting systems with G3 cone to provide a machine gun mount that is dependable and recoil-absorbing, ensuring maximum controllability and accuracy. Constructed of stainless steel to withstand the rigours of operations at sea, the Platt Marine Pedestal bolts directly to a standard naval mounting plate or specified surface.

Key Features

  • Low profile and modular design
  • Fixed and height-adjustable pedestal
  • Optional front shield STANAG level 1,2,3
  • Low maintenance and easy integration and installation
  • Extra capabilities available (e.g. catch-bag, sight bracket, shoulder bar)
  • Applications: small patrol boats or larger combat ships

Technical Specifications

Weapons Fit: MAG58/M240; Minimi/M249; M2QCB 12.7mm; MK19 40mm AGL
Weight: 65kg (excluding weapon and ammo)
Elevation: +30° up to +60°
Depression: -10° Stop/-35° Override
Traverse: 360° (rotation stops at 10° increments)