Our Focus. Our Strength.


W&E Platt specialises in the design, testing, prototyping, manufacture, installation and ILS of weapon mounts and ordnance parts for law enforcement and military entities. Incorporated in 1980, W&E Platt remains in business by listening to and understanding customers' needs.
With over 40 years of combat focused design and manufacturing experience, W&E Platt capabilities constantly deliver performance and reliability when it matters most and that is on the battle front.

W&E Platt products offer a wide range of solutions , with high performance and combat proven. Main products include weapon mounts, suppressors, tripods, target plates and ancillaries.

Competitive Discriminators

  • Over 40 years of experience in defence manufacturing industry
  • Local content, 100% Australian-owned enterprise
  • Combat proven products with modular configurations and customization
  • Products supplied to major military modernization programs worldwide


  • Product Development & Testing: collaboration with customers to discern requirements, conducts business case analysis, development of concepts, prototype build and test validation.
  • Technical Publications: technical publication packages including documentation for installation, operation, maintenance, training and ILS data development.
  • Engineering: in-house Engineering capability utilizing Solid Edge 3D CAD, FEMAP, FEA and LAB view to enable innovative solutions and rapid prototyping.
  • Manufacturing:

✓  Simultaneous 9-axis CNC Machining
✓  3-axis CNC Machining
✓  Skiving (OD/ID splines)
✓  Hobbing
✓  Dual Spindle and Turret
✓  Gears (spiral bevel gear) cutting
✓  Cutters cutting
✓  Welding
✓  CNC Milling and manual milling ✓ Turn-cut (via “Machining Navi”) ✓ Complex fitting and assembly
✓  Abrasive Blasting Container Facility

✓  Painting
✓  Repair & Refurbishment Services (IROAN)