Skate Mount

The Platt Skate Mount is designed for installation on a vehicle's rollover protection systems or other light structures. Its unique large skate rail provides wide and adjustable arcs of fire for the gunner in a lightweight package, making it an ideal weapon mount solution for soft-skinned, open-topped patrol, reconnaissance and special forces vehicles.

Key Features

  • Quick reaction with wide arcs of fire
  • Multi-weapon cradle compatible with LMGs and GPMGs
  • Travel lock and separate cans for 5.56-7.62mm ammunition
  • Cost-effective, lightweight and modular design
  • Low maintenance and easy integration and installation

Technical Specifications

Weapons Fit: MAG58/M240 7.62mm GPMG; Minimi/M249 5.56mm LMG, MG3, MG5, MK48/Minimi, PKM
Weight: 40kg
Elevation: +30°
Depression: -10° Stop/-30° Override
Ammunition Can Capacity: 200 rounds of 5.56/7.62mm ammunition
Traverse: 350° (adjustable at increments)
Part Number: P10598