Ring Mounts

The Platt Ring Mount is a one-man lightweight, low profile and versatile weapon station designed to suit variety of military vehicles. The system is fully scalable to meet the needs of modern warfare and has proven to be a reliable and highly functional system in the most demanding and diverse operational conditions. W&E Platt has a long history of supplying combat proven ring mounts to land forces worldwide. Platt optimises customers needs with modular configurations and customisation to meet even the most complex requests. The Platt Ring Mounts are currently fitted to the Australian Army's Bushmaster/Supacat/Hawkei; New Zealand's MAN Truck; British Army's Warthog/Viking/Bronco/FV430 Bulldog; US Army's Stryker; Canadian Army's Cougar; Netherlands and Swedish Army's Viking BvS10; Finnish Army's RG32M; Spanish Army's Piranha IIIC; Romanian Army's Piranha V; UN peacekeeping mission's Piranha; Peruvian Army's Caiman LAVIII; Brazilian Army's Guarani/Piranha IIIC; South African Army's Mountain Lion; UAE Army's Agrab Mkt; Malaysian Army's APC.

Key Features

  • Armour shield with various protection levels up to STANAG Level 3
  • Fitted 40-50 Soft Mount compatible with LMGs, GPMGs, HMGs and 40mm GMGs
  • Cost-effective, lightweight and modular design
  • Low maintenance and easy integration and installation
  • Extra optional capabilities available to meet specific requirements
  • Electric Drive (eDrive) & Minigun capabilities
  • Twin weapons compatibility

Technical Specifications

The portfolio includes MR, FW and TD series capable of mounting various weapon platforms.

Over 4,500 Platt Ring Mounts Sold Worldwide