Mounting Pedestal

The Platt Pedestal is a lightweight, fixed-height and versatile support design to mount on any rigid surface of the military vehicles and naval vessels. The Platt Pedestal interfaces with NATO G3 cone supporting both 7.62mm LMG hard mount cradle and Platt 40-50 Softmount and is compatible with various machine guns.

Key Features

  • Cost-effective, lightweight and modular design
  • Integrated MG3 cone
  • Compatible with 40-50 Soft Mount and 7.62mm Hard Mount
  • Travel lock and ammunition can
  • Optional front shield STANAG level 1,2,3
  • Low maintenance and easy integration and installation
  • Extra capabilities available (e.g. spotlight bracket)
  • Applications: Land and Maritime

Technical Specifications

Weapons compatibility: MAG58/M240; Minimi/M249; MK19 40mm AGL; M2HB 12.7mm; LAG40
Weight: 6kg
Dimension (H x W): 367mm H x 140mm W
Elevation/Depression: +30°/-30°
Traverse: 360° (adjustable at 20° increments)