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Platt 40-50 Softmount

The Platt 40-50 Softmount is designed to accept those ground fire support weapons that are the mainstays of Western armies worldwide – the Mk 19 40mm automatic grenade launcher, M2HB 12.7mm heavy machine gun, MAG-58/M240 7.62mm medium machine gun and Minimi/M249 5.56mm light machine gun.

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Well balanced and of rugged construction (choice of alloy steel, stainless steel or aluminium), the Platt 40-50 Softmount effectively reduces recoil to maximise weapon controllability and firing accuracy. It interfaces with the M3 tripod for use in the dismounted role.

The Platt 40-50 Softmount features adjustable elevation/depression tension, a depression stop and requires no oiling or greasing.  Originally developed for the Australian Army in the late 1990s, the Platt 40-50 Softmount is today one of the most widely used and combat proven products of its type.

Technical Specifications
Length: 525mm
Width: 300mm
Height: 305mm
Buffer Type: Bi-directional spring attentuation
Average Attentuation: 70% after 3rd round in a burst
Mounting Pin Type: M3 tripod standard pin
Elevation: +25 degrees in M3 tripod
Depression: -35 degrees
Ammunition Capacity: MK19 - 32rds; M2HB - 100rds; MAG-58/M240 and Minimi/M249 - 200rds
Weight: Steel (Zinc Plated): 26kg;
Platt Part No: P10035
Stainless Steel: 26kg;
Platt Part No: P10256
Aluminium: 13kg;
Platt Part No P10201
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