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Platt Skate Mount

The Platt Lightweight Skate Mount is designed for installation on a vehicle’s rollover protection system or other light structures. Its unique large skate rail provides wide and adjustable arcs of fire for the gunner in a lightweight package, making it an ideal weapon mount solution for soft-skinned, open-topped patrol, reconnaissance and special operations vehicles.

The Lightweight Skate Mount is simple to operate with minimal training and maintenance requirements, enabling use by both regular and conscript or reserve forces. Tested by Australia’s Defence Materiel Organisation and in service on Australian Army G-Wagon 6x6 surveillance reconnaissance vehicles, the Lightweight Skate Mount features a multi-weapon cradle, travel lock and separate bins for 5.56mm and 7.62mm ammunition.

More about this product

Currently fitted to Australian Army G-Wagon 6x6 Surveillance Reconnaissance Vehicles, the Platt Skate Mount provides the gunner with a rear and side-firing weapon mount capability designed to withstand harsh operating environments.

Technical Specifications

Specifications (minus weapon/ammunition)

Weight: 40kg
Elevation: +30°
Depression: -10° (-30° secondary depression limit)
Traverse: 348°  (adjustable on carriage at 30° increments; adjustable on yoke at 15° increments)
Weapon Compatibility: MAG-58/M240 7.62mm; Minimi/M249 5.56mm
Ammunition Capacity: 200rd of 7.62mm; 200rd of 5.56mm
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