Soft Mount & Adaptors

The Platt 40-50 Soft Mount is designed to accommodate a variety of machine guns from 5.56 mm all the way up to 40mm. Well balanced and of rugged construction, the Platt 40-50 Soft Mount effectively reduces recoil to maximise weapon controllability and firing accuracy; and provides a smoother operation of the weapon. The Soft Mount system interfaces with the M2/M3 tripod for use in the dismounted role. The Platt 40-50 Soft Mount is combat proven and can be found across battle fields, fitted to land vehicles and marine vessels.

Key Features

  • Bi-directional recoil-attenuation
  • Fitted to any G3 cone receiver and MK16 MOD8 adaptable cone
  • Adjustable elevation/depression tension
  • 10° initial depression stop
  • Requires no oiling or greasing
  • Self-contained ammunition can holder
  • Twin weapons compatibility

Technical Specifications

Weapons fit: M2HB 12.7mm; M3D High-speed 50 Cal; MAG58/M240, Minimi/M249; MK19 40mm AGL; H&K GMG; MK47; M60; PKM; MG3; LAG40; CIS-40
Elevation: +40°
Depression: -10° Stop/-30°Override
Weapon Traverse: 360° (application dependent)
Mounting Pin Type: M3 NATO Pintle/MK16 MOD8 Pintle
Weight: 23 kg (excluding weapon and adapter)
Part Number: P10552-10