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Platt Swing Mount

The Platt Swing Mount was developed by Platt for the Australian Army's Light Armoured Vehicle project to provide a wide range GPMG platform for use on the LAV-25 turret.

The Platt Swing Mount can now be found on a myriad of vehicles around the world. We have supplied over 17,000 of these systems worldwide.

More about this product

Key design features are for both accuracy and accessibility for the user with horizontal deployment spanning over 135 degrees to the left and right of the frontal axis as well as elevation to +85 and depression to –50 degrees. Furthermore, adjustable and / or lockable knuckle joints to ensure increased weapon control and allow for setting arcs of fire.

The swing mount is available in stainless steel (standard and ideal for maritime use) and aluminium (lightweight).

Technical Specifications
Weapon Types: Available for any medium or light machine gun. Currently configured for Mini / M249 & Mag 58 / M240 / PKM.
Ammo Capacity: 200 per liner for each system
Elevation: +85 Degrees
Depression Stop Limit: -10 Degrees. Override to -50
Vehicle Interface Type: AMU or User Pattern
Weight: Stainless Steel: 20kgs - Aluminum: 13kgs
Part Number: P10003
NSN: 1005-66-147-7964
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