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MR660 Mod1

The Platt MR660 Mod 1 Ring Mount is a lightweight partial protection manned weapon mount designed for light armoured vehicles requiring medium/light machine gun armament.

More about this product

In ongoing production for more than a decade, the MR660 Mod 1 features an armoured hatch with STANAG Level 1 protection and a highly manoeuvrable and robust weapon cradle assembly to provide maximum controllability for the gunner. The MR660 Mod 1 is the primary manned weapon station on Australian Army Bushmaster 4x4 protected mobility vehicles, with deliveries to date totalling more than 900 units. On Bushmaster, the MR660 Mod 1 has proven itself on operations in Iraq and Afghanistan, where it fulfils the direct fire support and vehicle self-defence roles. An optional shield kit is available which provides protection against M80 NATO ball projectiles and an additional 200 rounds of ready use ammunition.

Technical Specifications

Internal Ring Diameter: 660mm

Weight (minus weapon/ammunition): 98kg Weight with Optional Shield Kit: 152kg

Traverse: 360 degrees; rotation stops can be added

Elevation/Depression: -10/+55 degrees (-50 degrees with depression override)

Weapon Compatibility: MAG-58/M240 7.62mm medium machine gun; Minimi/M249 5.56mm light machine; can be adapted for PKM, M60 and MG3 machine guns

Ready Use Ammunition Capacity: 7.62/5.56mm -- 200rds

Platt Part No: P10005

NSN: 5340-66-154-3345

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