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MR655 Ring Mount

The Platt MR655 Shielded Ring Mount is a modular protected gun ring designed for armoured vehicles equipped with light, medium and heavy machine guns or 40mm automatic grenade launchers. Armoured against 5.56mm and 7.62mm ball in standard configuration, the MR655 Shielded Ring Mount is currently fitted to a variety of wheeled and tracked light armoured vehicles serving with US and Coalition forces in the Middle East Area of Operations.

More about this product

With the ability to accept numerous armour protection kits and configurations to suit customer requirements, the baseline MR655 Shielded Ring Mount consists of 8.5mm high hardness armoured shields integrated into a highly reliable weathersealed low-maintenance gun ring for smooth, trouble-free operation in dry and dusty environments.  To improve situational awareness, the ring mount shields and front shield can be fitted with ballistic windows.  A large armoured inlay hatch with spring assist and combat lock is standard on all versions.

Ease of use and the ability to achieve very high weapon elevation makes the MR655 Shielded Ring Mount ideally suited to operations in complex environments, particularly urban and mountainous terrain.  Excellent weapon depression allows for engagement of targets at close ranges.

Technical Specifications
Overall Length: 1810mm
Overall Width: 1378mm
Overall Height: 670mm
Weight: 405kg
Traverse: 360 Degrees
Weapon Elevation: +60 Degrees
Weapon Depression: -35 Degrees
Weapon Compatibility: M2HB 12.7mm HMG; Mk 19 40mm AGL; MAG-58/M240 7.62nn GPMG; Minimi/M249 5.56mm LMG
Platt Part Number: P10101
Optional: Over head protection / Electric drive / Appliqué armour
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