• Product Testing

    All products from Plattmounts are placed through stringent product testing and QA procedures, this ensures that Plattmounts provide the very best in product quality and reliability.

  • Innovation

    From concept to contact. From initial concept ideas through to contact with the enemy, the team at Plattmounts is with you every step of the way

  • Partners

    W&E Platt has global network partners that we work with to deliver a range of new products and oppertunities to Australia

  • Flexibility

    Plattmounts has the ability to adapt our product to suit your needs, or create entirely new solutions to suit your specific needs.

  • Reliability

    Plattmounts offers the most reliable in products available anywhere in the world, high quality is our main priority.

About Our Products

Platt Weapon Mounts, including our signature Ring Mount and universally adopted Swing Mount, are currently serving on US Army and Marine Corps RG-31, Stryker, MRAP, LAV, HMMWV and a multitude of other platforms where they continue to operate with distinction in the world’s hotspots.  The UK Royal Marine Commandos and British Army also employ Platt Mounts on the BvS10 VIKING, VECTOR BULLDOG, TERRIOR and WARTHOG

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Swing Mounts

Platt Swing Mounts are designed to suit both Land and Sea platforms and remain well sought after gun mount systems for soft-skinned and armoured vehicles.

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For over three decades, Platt Weapon Mounts continue to deliver best custom solutions to the most demanding vehicles deployed by worldwide armed forces.

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Platt Marine Weapon Mounts are combat proven designed for naval vessels from fast attack to patrol boats built to withstand the rigours of operations at sea.

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Optional Equipment

A range of optional products developed by Plattmounts

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In response to increasing calls from end users for a range of suppressors better...

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Platt Ballistic Testing

The Platt Ballistic Test Unit was developed in response to customer demand for a new-generation projectile recovery system.

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