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Optional Equipment

A range of optional products developed by Plattmounts.

  • Platt Ring Mount e-Drive

  • Overhead Protection Kit

  • Universal Sight Bracket

  • Twin Cradle Mount

  • Platt Mount Wire Cutter

  • Platt 40-50 Softmount

  • Platt Spare Barrel Holder

  • Platt Retractable Overhead Cover System

  • Platt Gunners Foot Stand

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Platt Ring Mount e-Drive

A stand alone electric drive system fitted to new-build or existing ring mounts requiring powered traverse.

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Overhead Protection Kit

Fitted to the Platt range of protected ring mounts, the Overhead Protection Kit gives gunners protection from overhead threats.

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Universal Sight Bracket

A modular bracket fitted to the 40-50 Softmount that is able to accept a variety of Picatinny rail-compatible sights.

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Twin Cradle Mount

W&E Platt has designed a new Twin Mount that delivers twice the firepower in a lightweight, robust and utterly reliable design.

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Platt Mount Wire Cutter

A simple and operationally proven wire cutting solution for ring mount equipped vehicles.

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Platt 40-50 Softmount

The Platt 40-50 Softmount is designed to accept those ground fire support weapons that are the mainstays of Western armies worldwide...

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Platt Spare Barrel Holder

Convenient ready to use storage for spare weapon barrels on ring mounts.

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Platt Retractable Overhead Cover System

Light & retractable cover that provides gunners with protection from the elements and obscures enemy observation.

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Platt Gunners Foot Stand

The Platt Gunner’s Foot Stand provides an adjustable platform for ring mount gunners to stand on for additional vertical reach

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