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For over three decades, Platt Weapon Mounts for Land environments have been and remains the most reliable, versatile and robust with custom solutions delivered to most demanding vehicles and sophisticated requirements. Platt gun mount systems have accompanied global armed forces in the most dangerous combat zones and hot spots.  

  • MR655 Ring Mount

  • MR550 Shielded Ring Mount

  • MR660 Mod1

  • Platt Skate Mount

  • Maximus Twin Mount

  • FW655 Open Ring Mount

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MR655 Ring Mount

The Platt MR655 Shielded Ring Mount is a modular protected gun...

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MR550 Shielded Ring Mount

The Platt MR550 Shielded Ring Mount is one of the most widely...

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MR660 Mod1

The Platt MR660 Mod 1 Ring Mount is a lightweight partial protection manned weapon mount designed for light armoured vehicles...

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Platt Skate Mount

Platt Skate Mount provides the gunner with a rear and side-firing weapon mount capability designed to withstand harsh operating environments.

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Maximus Twin Mount

Borne out of the fires of combat in Iraq and Afghanistan and the lessons learnt by those doing the fighting, the Maximus Twin Mount...

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FW655 Open Ring Mount

The FW series of Ring Mounts provides a low profile, highly flexible weapons platform for soft-skinned vehicles. Armoured hatches can be integrated...

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