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Platt Ballistic Test Unit

The Platt Ballistic Test Unit was developed in response to customer demand for a new-generation projectile recovery system. Incorporating the latest filtration, safety and projectile retention technology, the Ballistic Test Unit meets the needs of police and federal agencies for a fully integrated stand-alone projectile recovery system. The Ballistic Test Unit is designed to cater for the recovery of projectiles fired from a multitude of firearm types and calibres - from handguns to large calibre rifles - with a maximum kinetic energy equivalent to a .300 Winchester Magnum cartridge.

Technical Specifications

The Ballistic Test Unit is a self-contained design featuring all the sub-systems required to safely and efficiently undertake projectile recovery, including:

 Projectile recovery/shooting tank

 Water filtration system

 HEPA air filtration system (to remove 99.97% of lead and particulate)

 Pneumatic tank lid operation

 Underwater lighting in projectile recovery tank

 Electronic control module

 Remote firing capability

 Weapon test bench

 Random rest (without pistol grip inserts)

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