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FW655 Open Ring Mount

The FW series of Ring Mounts provides a low profile, highly flexible weapons platform for soft-skinned vehicles. Armoured hatches can be integrated if required.

Technical Specifications

Inside Dimension: To suit clients specifications

Cradle Type: Hard and soft mounting options 

Cradle Mounting Type: Type M3 / G3

Elevation / Depression: +60o / -20o


Weapon Types: 

5.56 / 7.62 weapon system;
50 cal M2 HB / M3M3 / 40mm;
Mk 19 / GMG;
Any other weapon system integration available on request     

Traverse Type: 24:1 Geared assist

Weight:75 kg inclusve

Optional:Soft-skinned or armoured hatch. Electric drive kit for azimuth rotation

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