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Platt Lightweight Skate Mount

Leveraging off the highly successful Platt Swing Mount, the Platt Slide Mount is a lightweight and versatile mount designed for installation on the dash structure of open-topped soft-skinned vehicles. Featuring a unique rail slide mounting, the Platt Slide Mount is suitable for vehicle commanders/co-drivers where a quick-reaction defensive and offensive fire support capability is required.

Able to accept the MAG-58/M240 7.62mm medium machine gun or Minimi/M249 5.56mm light machine gun, the Platt Slide Mount caters for both left and right-handed gunners. It is fitted to the Australian Army’s new G-Wagon 6x6 Surveillance Reconnaissance Vehicles.

Technical Specifications

Specifications of Platt Slide Mount (minus weapon/ammunition)

Weight: 26.5kg

Elevation (max): +90°

Depression (max): -10° (-45° secondary depression limit)

Traverse: 360° (adjustable at variable increments)

Weapon Compatibility: MAG-58/M240 7.62mm general purpose machine gun

                                  Minimi/M249 5.56mm light machine gun 

 Ready Use Ammunition Capacity: 200rd of 7.62mm; 200rd of 5.56mm 

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