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SMART Soviet AK47

W&E Platt has developed SMART suppressors for Soviet-style weapons such as the AK-47 7.62mm assault rifle family and PKM 7.62mm medium machine gun.

More about this product

The SMART AK47 suppressor is designed for the AK-47 7.62mm and uses a Platt compensator. This combination significantly reduces both report and muzzle flash. Like all SMART suppressors, the SMART AK47 is precision engineered into a single non-welded self-contained component with only one piece: the
suppressor itself. The SMART AK47 screws on and screws off – no parts, clips, pins or other bits to fiddle with during the heat of battle.

Technical Specifications

Fabricated into a single non-welded self-contained component.  
-No welding.  
-No parts.  
-No attachment clips, pins or other ‘bits’.  
-Fast screw-on/screw-off method of attachment.

Weight: 530g
Length: 168mm
Diameter: 40mm
Material: Stainless steel; non-reflective finish
Compensator: Platt P10394-47
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