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SMART 7.62

Fabricated into a single one piece construction, no welds, seams or joints. Fabricated from one common material, no dissimilar material used, aiding superior durability. One handed quick attach and detach, no tools required for fitment or removal, Providing minimal and Repeatable zero-shift. Designed for tactical application only rather than competition shooting. The innovative dual-skin design of the SMART 762 has demonstrated an outstanding ability to withstand the rigours of medium calibre automatic fire typical of belt-fed weapons. Tests involving back to back firing of 15x200rd belts of ammunition without failure has demonstrated the ability of this suppressor to go far beyond the most extreme real life rates of fire .


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Signature Management And Reduction Technology

PART No: P10394-762-02-15-01

CAL: 7.62

LENGTH: 61mm

WEIGHT: 0.090g

FINISH: Black Cerakote /Natural


Technical Specifications

PART No: P10521-762S-05-10

CAL: 7.62 NATO/7.62x39/7.62x35

LENGTH: 170mm WEIGHT: 690g

FINISH: Black Cerakote /Natural

ATTACHMENT: Q.D. To Platt Compensators

REDUCTION: 25-30dB Depending on Weapon Configuration

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