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SMART Suppressors - General

In response to increasing calls from end users for a range of suppressors better suited to the rigours of tactical operations, W&E Platt has developed the Signature Management and Reduction Technology (SMART) range of suppressors.

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Currently available to suit the M4 and Minimi 5.56mm weapon families, 7.62mm weapons such as M240, MAG-58, Mk 48, AK-47, PKM and SR-25 and 9mm handguns such as the HK USP, Browning Hi-Power and various Glock models, SMART is a new generation of suppressors designed from the outset for tactical applications rather than competition shooting.

SMART suppressors are precision engineered into a single non-welded self-contained component with only one piece: the suppressor itself.  SMART suppressors screw on and screw off – no parts, clips, pins or other bits to fiddle with during the heat of battle.

SMART suppressors are lightweight and balanced to ensure excellent weapon controllability and maintenance of accuracy.  The use of a thread not only provides rapid screw-on/screw-off attachment but also ensures the suppressor will not bind to the compensator thread.

Tests have consistently demonstrated the ability of SMART suppressors to reduce noise levels by 31db*.

All SMART suppressors feature a low visibility finish (not shown in all photographs) that is both non-reflective and durable.

* Tests conducted using M4 5.56mm with 14-inch barrel firing M193 ammunition.

Technical Specifications
Features: Fabricated into a single nonwelded 
self-contained component.  
No welding.  
No parts.  
No attachment clips, pins or other ‘bits’.  
Fast screw-on/screw-off method of attachment.  
Reduces audible report by at least 31db.  
Compatible with existing weapons chambered in 5.56mm and 7.62mm NATO when used with PWS compensators and various 9mm handguns.
SMART suppressors are compatible with the following in-service weapons:
5.56mm M4, M16/AR15, Minimi
7.62mm M240, MAG-58, Mk 48, SR-25, AK-47, PKM
9mm HK USP, Browning Hi-Power, Glock
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